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Anonymous proxies are for your safety

Paid and free anonymous proxies

AWMPROXY.COM - is an automated proxy-service. All our proxies are absolutely anonymous and they do not save logs. You can test all our proxies for free after the registration

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Freetest for elite russian proxies

We introduce free test for Russian proxies for all of our established clients


API for IP registration

We have implemented the API for fast IP registration in settings


Free public proxies daily

Now you can always get a link to the TXT file with the list of working free public proxies on our website.

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Free proxy

We are offering 2 different types of proxies:

Private HTTP/SOCKS proxies

The most popular proxies of ours, which are suitable for the majority of users. Large amount of proxies suitable for any purposes. Logs are not saved, broad rotation of IP-addresses, all proxies are elite...

Quantity - from 1000 to 15000
Speed - medium
Percentage of responses - 90%
Countries - all, except RU
Type - HTTP(s), SOCKS 4/5
Lifetime - from an hour up to one day


Large database of high-quality proxies, which are handed in one hands each and which are suitable for many purposes.
Because of high speed and quality these proxies are ideal for online games (casino, poker, etc.), browser, click fraud, FTP, ICQ, etc.

Quantity - from 900 to 1200
Speed - high
Percentage of responses - 95%
Countries - RU
Type - HTTP(s), SOCKS 4/5
Lifetime - from an hour up to one day

FreeCap instruction

Free proxy
We have collected a database of public proxies which do not require authorization, and we decided to share it with you.
Get the latest link to the TXT file with the permanently updated list of the proxies - Free public proxies
These proxies are not of that high quality and are not as fast as the ones that we sell.


Our website provides you with proxies for various tasks offering two main tariffs:
http/socks proxy offers a large number of proxies from all countries except Russia, they are the most universal and suitable for any tasks;
RU proxies are for those who do not like our http/socks proxies; they are used by few clients and offer only quick Russian proxies

Also, Proxy checker, a friendly project, includes free proxies that have been gathered from open sources; you can also check out any proxies there